Battery check

In case that The Swinging Sticks aren‘t working properly, it might be a misplacement or dead batteries. Make you are using brand new high quality AA alkaline batteries placed correctly and roll the batteries inside the base to remove any dust there might be between the batteries and the contact points.



Realigning the sticks

The Swinging Sticks only work when everything is in perfect balance. Therefore, when cleaning or moving The Swinging Sticks the sticks can become misaligned and make it seem as if the product is no longer working. Thankfully, the fix is easy. Follow the video below to check and see if your sticks are misaligned and how to move the sticks back into position.




Pin adjustment

If the Pins are in direct contact with the Aluminum tube wall, it will create friction and the Swinging Sticks can‘t swing freely. Please follow the video to see if your The Swinging Sticks is not working properly due to incorrect positioning on the pin.

If you still can’t make your Swinging Sticks move after following this guide, please contact us at


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